Early Childhood

Early Childhood


The National Early Childhood Program Accreditation has been supporting educational programs in their desire for achieving excellence since 1991. NECPA is an independent and nationally recognized program that was originally created by the National Child Care Association, but is now maintaining its pursuit of excellence by delivering its accreditation philosophy to hundreds of early childhood programs across the country.

NECPA accreditation is not easy. Only childcare centers that meet prescribed quality criteria can be accredited by NECPA. It takes months of study, preparation, and implementation to achieve this status. Of the 504 NECPA Accredited Centers nation wide, we are proud to say that all 5 of our Playcare, Inc. Smart Start Centers serving children 6 weeks to 4 years are accredited. In Oklahoma, we make up 3% of the 161 nationally accredited centers in the state.

There are four components that a center must successfully complete to become accredited.

  • First component – a thorough self-assessment of the program by management, staff and parents to determine how closely the NECPA standards are being met.
  • Second component – an action plan to address weaknesses.
  • Third component – an on-site visit by a trained NECPA Verifier.
  • Fourth component – a review by the NECPA National Accreditation Council.

NECPA accreditation assures that all criteria for a quality early childhood education program are met. These criteria include:
  • Interactions among staff and children
  • Staff and parent interactions
  • Administration
  • Staff qualifications and development
  • Staffing patterns
  • Physical environment
  • Health and safety
  • Nutrition and food service
  • Program evaluation

We are proud of our Smart Start centers that have achieved this level of quality. It is part of our commitment to provide the highest quality early childhood education and care available.




Preschool children are exploring and reaching developmental milestones daily. We use a comprehensive curriculum that has been adopted by preschools nation wide. The curriculum meets all Oklahoma Early Learning guidelines and objectives. The Sopris West We Can! Curriculum teaches through English, Spanish and American Sign. It incorporates whole and small group instruction, learning centers and individual opportunities. It allows for two choice discipline to assist children in developing self help skills. Letter sounds and strokes are practiced daily as well as activities in math, science, social studies, oral language and written expression. Literature, music and poetry to enhance learning experiences through rhyme, rhythm, exploration, and movement are used daily.

Preschool Classrooms are located at all 5 nationally accredited sites: Smart Start #1 in Cache, Smart Start #2, Smart Start #4, Smart Start #5, and Smart Start #6 in Lawton.

Eligibility: Class Size: Class size is limited with one certified or credentialed preschool teacher and one classroom teacher’s assistant.

Must have an up-to-date immunization record. Each child will receive a free breakfast lunch and snack daily. Care will be available on days out of school, winter break, spring break and summer.