Quality Commitment

Quality Commitment


ALL OF OUR CENTERS ARE NATIONALLY ACCREDITED AND RATED 3 STARS BY OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES–THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE RATING! Our centers are now Certified Healthy Early Childhood Programs by the OK State Department of Health and have earned the EXCELLENCE Certification!!!

Early Childhood Programs are scored according to type of program, from Child Care Centers to Summer Day Camps to Family Child Care Home programs. The application consists of nine sections: Health Education; Nutrition; Physical Activity; Screen Time; Sa…fe and Healthy Environment; Counseling, Psychological and Social Services; Community and Family Involvement; Health Promotion for Staff; and Professional Development. Each criterion selected is worth one point. There is a wide range of criteria comprising each section, from three criteria in Health Education and Screen Time to ten criteria in Nutrition. Certification status is assigned according to the percentage of total criteria selected by the applicant (total points acquired/total possible points). A written and enforced smoke-free facilities policy is required for Basic status and a written and enforced tobacco free facilities policy is required of all applicants to achieve Excellence status.

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