Smart Start #1 is #1 in my book. They meet my child’s needs and go over and beyond. I know what my child has eaten and when he has been changed. They are the best. My child is always happy to come every morning. He loves Smart Start #1 and so do I. I recommend Smart Start to anyone that wants the best for their children. Wow, what peace of mind. Thank you.

Lorrie C., Smart Starts #1

For all your patience day to day, For every tear you wipe away, for little hands you gently hold, and all the stories you have told. For consoling tender hearts, and all the wisdom you impart, for silly songs and quiet times, for peaceful naps and nursery rhymes. For teaching children how to share, for being kind and being fair. For every shoe that you have tied, and thoughtful words that instill pride. For all the sweet things that you do, to help the children all year through, for being there in place of me….I’m grateful and will always be!

Sincerely Thank You!

Ms. Greenwood, Smart Start #2

My child has been attending Smart Start #2 for the past 3 years and this year she is being transported to Smart Start #5 from there for LPS Pre-K.I love Ms. Summer at Smart Start #2 and Ms. Whalen at Smart Start #5. They really focus on the kids. My daughter used to be shy but not anymore. They take the time to work with each kid on what they need to know. They helped my daughter learn to tie her shoes and she can count to 50 already! They also take the time to make my kids feel special.

Rebecca C., Smart Start #2 & #5

We have loved Smart Start #4. We can leave our son while we go to work and not worry about him. The teachers are very kind and caring and treat our son as one of their own children. He always seems happy whenever we drop him off in the morning and when we pick him up in the afternoon. The center is very clean and well organized. Our son loves being around the other kids in his classroom and we think this experience has helped him develop social and play skills. He has fun with peers while we are able to work with peace-of-mind that he is in a safe loving environment.

Kristina and Grant B., Smart Start #4

Most parents can agree it’s hard to trust someone else to watch over our babies. My son has attended Smart Start #4 since he was a little over 1 year old and we love it! Smart Start has helped my son and I both grow as people. The teachers really care and have helped our family through the various stages of toddler life like potty training and even learning how to read and write. The Pre-K program is awesome and they are always making learning interesting to my son through art, music, and field trips. Thank you ladies for taking such good care of my son, it’s a very important job!

Crystal P., Smart Start #4

My children have been here for almost 3 years. I've had opportunities to switch day cares and chose not to. When I've moved away, I made the commute to take my children to their original day care Smart Start #4. The staff is understanding not only with children but with parents too. My child knows everyone and is almost always excited to come, I'd never take that from them

Michaela O., Smart Start #4

My Child has attended Smart Start #5 for 8 months and I totally recommend this school. Ms. Whalen and Ms. Nash are the best. Education is a big concern for them and Ana improved a lot in their class. Ms. Whalen is my ride or die! She wakes up every morning to be with my daughter at 5:30 a.m. so I can go to work. I wouldn't be able to manage without this school. Great teachers, wonderful staff. I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Marijana L., Smart Start #5

My daughter has been attending this day care for 7 years and my son for his whole life. I really appreciate Ms. Amanda and Ms. Nash for how much they care about the children. The ladies are great with my kids and my kids love seeing them each day. They have also really helped with potty training and attitudes. It's wonderful to see my kids grow each day with the help of the staff at daycare. Carson has learned nursery rhymes and sings songs. Gaby learned to tie her shoes. I love this day care!

Alysia V., Smart Start #5

Jackson has always had difficulty with daycare centers which made it difficult for me to work. Many day cares said they were equipped to handle a special needs child, but many gave up on Jackson quickly and cast him out. Since coming to Smart Start #6, Jackson looks forward to coming to school and learning. He is able to read us books, recite his alphabet, his numbers, etc. More importantly, a little boy who would never interact with his peers is now making friends. I truly believe the caring and understanding from the staff and their ability to work with Jackson and myself has made a lasting impact on my son's life

Erin P., Smart Start #6

Ace has loved attending Smart Start #6 and has made such huge strides in his 4 years here. He started in the baby room and now attends pre-k where he excels in his class because of the education he received at Playcare. The staff has been amazing and friendly especially Ms. Aspri who has become one of Ace's very best friends. He talks about her at home and school and the bond he shares with her is very special. Attending here has been an amazing decision!

Cody D., Smart Start #6

I am beyond grateful for the way that Tanisha and Aspri have taught my twins. They are patient and understanding of my children's wants and needs. If I have any concerns they are always there to explain their plans and expectations of my twins. I love the way they do their jobs they are AMAZING!

Ryan B., Smart Start #6

Being our first child, we were a little nervous leaving her at day care and compared many before we chose Smart Start #6. The staff is well trained and friendly. They take the time to work with her on her walking and early learning skills. She loves her teacher Ms. Melissa and looks forward to seeing her every day.

David and Dawn, Smart Start #6

I would like to say that I \'m very impressed with Smart Start #1. They have been there for my children's needs from the very beginning. My child Riley has learned so much since she has been there. Riley has overcome the challenge of of potty training and is learning her ABC's and 123"s. The staff is amazing especially Ms. Mika, Ms. Rhonda and Ms. Destiny! Sending the girls to Smart Start #1 is the best decision I've made for child care.

Lauren D., Smart Start #1

I am very impressed with the care of my children at Smart Start #1. They treat my children as their own and are very pleasant and clean. My children love coming here and it gives me peace to know they are safe while I'm at work. My kids have been coming here for 5 years. This place is family.

Jessica S., Smart Start #1

We have been at Smart Start #1 for 4 years. I love that Sunni is comfortable with all staff members and she always come home saying she had a great day! She has even learned her ABC's and 123's. Thank you for all the love and attention.

Joanne H., Smart Start #1

I have had 5 children attend Playcare over the past 8 years. My children have thrived in social skills and excelled in their education even into elementary school. I am so appreciative of the support in raising my children to develop into amazing individuals.

Amanda D., Smart Start #6

We have been attending Smart Start #6 for 4 years. Ms. Aspri has taken great care of my sensitive epileptic Cameron. Ms. Tanisha is probably the sweetest one that I have met in this center and she is always extremely patient with the kids and the parents. Ms. Wynn cooks so good that sometimes I wish I could do lunch here!

Brittany W., Smart Start #6

We have been attending Smart Start #6 for 2 years and the kids are comfortable going here. They've become more interactive and communicate better with me. Khalil has learned how to potty from coming here. The staff is nice especially Ms. Aspri and Ms. Tanisha they meet all the children's needs.

Angelique C., Smart Start #6

Switching my sons to Smart Start #1 is the best decision I've made. The staff is amazing. I love that they are so caring and affectionate. I just appreciate everything the staff has done.

Heather C., Smart Start #1

Hailey has been attending Smart Start #2 since she was a baby. She loves coming to daycare. My baby does not cry or fuss. I can tell she's very happy at this facility. I enjoy dropping her off. I go to work knowing my child will be well taken care of. We love this place. I know Hailey does too.

Aileen B., Smart Start #2

I'm pleased with the care that my child gets at Smart Start #4 and how well they work with the kids. My son loves the teachers there and has learned a lot: A,B,Cs, numbers, and colors. Thank you!

Aaliyah D., Smart Start #4

I am pleased with how the staff at Smart Start #5 care for my child like he is their own. Lucas has learned so much in the little time that he has been here. The teachers are all wonderful and loving people who want to teach the kids early.

Heavenly W., Smart Start #5

When my children first started here my boys knew very few words and struggled to pronounce what little they did know. Ms. Aspri has been phenomenal, to say the least, at teaching them to talk. In only 3 days she was able to potty train them with minimal accidents, if any, and has always made all 3 of my kids feel loved and welcome. My children also enjoy the warm "Good Morning" we get every day from Ms. Tanisha. My daughter looks forward to meeting Ms. Wynn every morning at the kitchen for her breakfast. All the ladies here are amazing and Kind. Mr. Freddie is awesome too!

Barbara S., Smart Start #6


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